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The Pine Tree, Poggle and Me

2020-11-11 - 2020-11-14



People Suitable:Under the age of 4

Location:Roewe Theatre

Perform Type:Dance

date|2020.11.12 Thu.10:30 15:30 2020.11.13 Fri.10:30 15:30 2020.11.14 Sat.10:30 15:00 17:30 2020.11.15 Sun.10:30 15:00 17:30 Venue| Studio Theatre Type | Dance Duration | 45mins Age Recommended| 4 years and under Choreographer and Director| Natasha Gilmore Composer| Daniel Padden Performance | Barrowland Ballet (Scotland)


The Pine Tree, Poggle and Me is the story of Vince, who wants to explore the forest but is too scared, until one day he meets Poggle, a friendly creature. Together they go on an adventure through the forest where they discover the magical musical tree. A warm-hearted, sensory dance theatre piece with live music, clapping rhythms and comedy throughout in an imaginatively changing world that the children have the chance to explore.