Education Activities

This signature family activity of Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre has became Shanghai's one and only large scale car boot sale dedicated only to children. Each family arrives at the parking lot of the theatre with goods in the boot of their car. They open their car boot, set up DIY signs, hang up decorations, change into cotumes and start to sell their items. Children become merchants and parents are their assistants. Families transform car boots into stalls and sell either DIY or second hand children's items . The auction part of the activity allows children to sell their items to other people on stage and to participate in “real” auctions.Everyone involved in SHCAH Market finds them huge fun, especially the children. By participating in SHCAT Market, Children learn to bargain, do bookkeeping, understand how auction works and get the chance to dress up as they like. Also, SHCAT enables children to cultivate diligence and frugality and understand the role of a merchant. It is absolutely a unique experience for all children. SHCAT Market is held on a monthly basis. It is well-received and warmly welcomed by both children and parents in the community.



Participate Families:30组



Participate Families:30组



Participate Families:25组




Participate Families:40