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Interested parties can contact the Theatre directly (tel no) with details of their event. The Theatre will review the proposed event against its own position and mission.

Once approved, the interested party can make an appoint to inspect the venue and make a reservation for the desired date and time.

After inspection, a deposit must be made within seven days. After seven days, the Theatre will release the date/time and cancel the reservation.

The Theatre will draft a contract based on the rental requirements and a quoted fee. The renter must provide: the full name of the organizer (Party B of the contract), the name of the performance, playbill, loading-in time and performance time. If the activity requires sales of tickets, the renter must provide an administrative license from Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture Radio Film and TV and a ticket plan. (Foreign projects require approval from the Ministry of Culture). If the event requires construction, the contractor's credentials must be supplied. Once these requirements are met, a contract will be signed.

The renter can make the contract payment (not including guarantee deposit) by wire, check or cash. The Theatre will provide an official tax receipt.

The renter must complete the Performance Notice of ROEWE·Shanghai Children's Art Theatre Renting Project and Parking List to allow us to coordinate the project among our departments.

Prices for any rental equipment will be charged according to the Theatre's standard Rental Price List.

Prices for the rental fee and deposit are set according to the Theatre's official price list.

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