Education Activities

Following the success of Super Dad Club, Super Mom Club is another public parenting activities together with their children. Specialists in their individual fields are invited to lead the mothers and children to create art works together and share in the fun of working together. Parenting activities include DIY artworks, scientific experiments, storytelling sessions, bakery workshops, to name just a few. We also invite talents specialized in parenting to share their experiences with moms on ways to raise their children. Making things with their mothers will improve a child's hands on abilities, more importantly children can share in the magic of creating something with their moms. Through their interactions, children will learn to respect their mom's creative abilities, and see them as their 'Super Mom'. At the same time, Super Mom Club creates an opportunity for mothers to share with each other their experiences with regard to parenting and education.



Participate Families:15组




Participate Families:25

玩泥巴 几乎每个孩子都爱。可是如何把泥巴玩成一种艺术呢?看看来自“童画家”的F老师怎样把一团泥巴玩出“超级变变变”的神奇效果!泥巴有很强的可塑性,即便只是将它捏成一个圆,但因为揉捏的程度、按压的力度、手的温度各有不同,形成的每一个圆的质感也不一样,因此一团泥巴可以捏出千变万化的造型。F老师将泥巴的变化串成一个有趣的故事,在塑造陶泥的过程中还带孩子们欣赏了国内外几位陶艺艺术家的作品。