Programs > The Magic Harmonica Ensemble Family Concert

The Magic Harmonica Ensemble Family Concert

2021-12-23 - 2021-12-25


Series:Baby Loves Music

People Suitable:5+

Location:Studio Theatre

Perform Type:Concert

Date|2021.12.24 19:30 2021.12.25 10:30 ;14:30 2021.12.26 10:30 Venue|Studio Theatre Type|Concert Duration|60mins Age Recommended|5+ Performance|The Magic Harmonica Ensemble


The Harmonica is one of the smallest musical instruments. It seems that you can eat it in one bite. When it comes to harmonica, what is your first impression? Do you know why the Harmonica is also known as "the piano in the pocket"? In this concert, The Magic Harmonica Ensemble will play the chromatic harmonica, bass harmonica and chord harmonica to bring various types and styles of music with professional standards, and show you the "great energy" of the small harmonica. In the warm winter, the whole family will feel the enchanting smell of the holidays accompanied by the cheerful melody. All kids would have the opportunity to get a harmonica and learn simple playing skills during the concert.