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Celebrating the Lantern Festival

2022-02-10 - 2022-02-12



People Suitable:3+

Location:Roewe Theatre

Perform Type:Acrobatics

Date|2022.2.11 19:30 2.12 14:30 19:30 2.13 10:30 Venue|Roewe Theatre Type|Acrobatics Duration|60mins Age Recommended|3+ Performance|South China Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe Host|Bei Qianni


South Lion Dance, listed in the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage, is a form of traditional dance of the Han nationality with a long history, integrating dance, music, martial arts and acrobatics. Guided by Mr. Weibin Zhao, the provincial inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, South China Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe will present the authentic south lion dance and the dragon dance at SHCAT. In addition to the traditional stunts on a bench and the plum blossom piles, the newly choreographed hip hop lion dance and the illuminated dragon dance will fascinate audiences with their creativity and dramatic moments. The performance in conjunction with the exhibition and fine derivatives will bring kids and families good luck and fortune.