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Paddington Gets in a Jam

2022-09-23 - 2022-09-24



People Suitable:3+

Location:Roewe Theatre

Perform Type:Drama

Date|2022.9.24 10:30 14:30 19:30 9.25 10:30 14:30 Venue|Roewe Theatre Type|Drama Duration|50mins Age Recommended|3+ Copyright|Rockefeller Productions(U.S.A.) Production|Harmonia Producer|Theatrical Dreams


Paddington goes next door to borrow a cup of sugar from his neighbor Mr. Curry, who is in a panic because he's expecting a visit from his Great Aunt Matilda. And so, Paddington volunteers to help Mr Curry with his to-do list before her imminent arrival.

Throughout the afternoon Paddington attempts items on the list – repair the pipes in the bathroom, vacuum the floors, install new wallpaper, bake a cake…. But in typical Paddington fashion, nothing goes to plan. The pipes burst and flood the bathroom. The vacuum cleaner misbehaves and leaves dust everywhere. Paddington adds too much self-rising flour to the cake, and his efforts at wallpapering turn into catastrophic (and sticky) chaos!

Will Paddington be able to fix everything before Great Aunt Matilda arrives?