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A La Luna

2022-08-05 - 2022-08-06



People Suitable:5+

Location:Shanghai Childern's Art Theatre (SAIC Motor Roewe Childern's Theatre)

Perform Type:

Type | Multimedia Theatre Duration | 60mins Language | Chinese Age Recommended | 5+ Playwright | Daniel Garcia(Spain) Cynthia Miranda(Spain) Director | Cynthia Miranda(Spain) Producer | Shanghai Childern's Art Theatre (SAIC Motor Roewe Childern's Theatre)


The Little girl Tara spends her summer on the farm watchingthe stars and dreaming of being an astronaut. While the worldis immersed in the space race, she is fascinated by thestories that her ingenious grandfather tells her. His suddendisappearance leads her to embark on themost important mission of her life: to save the fate of the moonwith the help of a peculiar flock of geese.A La Luna (To the Moon) is a surprising show that combines theatre and animation to create a magical, touching story.