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Gathering of Hand Puppets

2022-08-18 - 2022-08-27


Series:Baby Enjoy Intangible Cultural Heritage

People Suitable:3+


Perform Type:Puppet

Date|2022.8.19 19:30 2022.8.20 10:30;15:30;19:30 2022.8.21 10:30;15:30;19:30 2022.8.23 15:30;19:30 2022.8.24 15:30;19:30 2022.8.25 15:30;19:30 2022.8.26 15:30;19:30 2022.8.27 10:30;15:30;19:30 2022.8.28 10:30;15:30 Venue|Sine New Space·Studio Theatre Type|puppet Duration|50mins Age Recommended|3+ Performance|Zhangzhou Hand Puppet Heritage Protection Center


Zhangzhou hand puppetry, known as Palm Play, has a long history and a rich culture, thriving in Zhangzhou as far back as the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). For the rare value of its puppetry, along with Zhangzhou puppet-head carving, it was enrolled in the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2006. The puppeteers put on hand puppets like putting on gloves, flexibly manipulating the puppets. Hand puppets excel at presenting acrobatic fighting. “Big Whale” invites Zhangzhou Hand Puppet Heritage Protection Center to present its internationally acclaimed works including the classical piece Daming Prefecture, which was awarded the first prize for performance at the 2nd edition of Bucharest International Puppet Arts Festival in 1960, among other accolades. Children will have the opportunity to appreciate the authentic Zhangzhou hand puppets, be initiated into the beauty of puppet-head carving and feel the virtuosity of manipulating hand puppets.