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Travel with Sound

2022-09-14 - 2022-09-17


Series:Baby Loves Music

People Suitable:5+


Perform Type:Concert

Date|2022.9.15 19:30 9.16 19:30 9.17 10:30 14:30 19:30 9.18 10:30 14:30 Venue| Sine New Space·Studio Theatre Type| Concert Duration| 60mins Age Recommended| 5+ Performance|Pingjian Wu,Yuan Sun


The world is full of the sounds of nature. Nature’s sounds are pure. They slip into your minds between breaths and gently heal you. “Big Whale” would like to give kids a chance to discover the origin of sound. A Jian, a natural music performer and handmade instrument craftsman from Dali, Yunnan Province, along with Sun Yuan, the founding member of Twelve Girls Band and a player of the bamboo flute will bring kids a musical tour of nature. Waste gas canisters, gourds, bamboo, walnuts, among other materials, are used to make instruments. The uniquely handmade instruments can simulate bird tweets, the sounds of rain, of a stream flowing and other natural sounds. Moreover, classical poems will be included in the performance. To listen, touch, and recite, kids will have the chance to join in the performance and to feel the purity and beauty of natural music.