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My Voice Superpower

2022-09-09 - 2022-09-11


Series:Singing For Babies

People Suitable:5+

Location:Roewe Theatre

Perform Type:Concert

Date|2022.9.10 14:30 9.11 10:30 9.12 10:30 Venue|Roewe Theatre Duration|60mins Age Recommended|5+ Performance|Ignite Vocal


There is no instrumental accompaniment, only wonderful voices are used to interpret the harminious melody. This is A Cappella! "Ignite Vocal" band has been invited to perform in this concert. Composed of 6 male singers, the band has become one of the best domestic A Cappella bands. In the concert,they will sing the classic Chinese songs "Rice fragrant","Olive Tree","Superpower",etc.,as well as anime songs such as "Until the End of the World","Embrace the Miracle","Banana song",etc. The concert fully shows the color of the human voice. Follow "Ignite Vocal",let's sing A Cappella!