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2022-10-14 - 2022-10-22



People Suitable:7+

Location:Shanghai Childern's Art Theatre (SAIC Motor Roewe Childern's Theatre)

Perform Type:Installation Theatre

Type|Installation Theatre Duration|45mins Language|Chinese Performer|Xu Yang Age Recommended|7+ Original|Voila Productions(Spain) Producer|Shanghai Childern's Art Theatre (SAIC Motor Roewe Childern's Theatre)


This is a play about light and shadow. In a city without shadows, everyone is afraid of the dark, trying in many ways to live under the light. In this city without darkness, the shadows had to hide themselves.

One day,"Lua", a curious little lamp,decides to see what is hiding in the darkness. After having the courage to turn off her llight, Lua meets Shadow who she has never met before. She feels frightened but curious, and wants to touch Shadow. Two little friends explore each other and get closer and closer. Shadow leads Lua into the world of darkness, helping her to experience it,to overcome her fear of the unknown. This play uses the form of object installation and multimedia, with an actress who uses poetic lines to tell a story about the fear of the unknown, and the things that are gradually forgotten in our modernized life.