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Baby Loves Chinese Culture(Korean Gala)

2022-11-18 - 2022-11-19


Series:Baby Loves Chinese Culture

People Suitable:5+

Location:Roewe Theatre

Perform Type:

Date|2022.11.19 10:30 14:30 2022.11.20 10:30 14:30 Venue|Roewe Theatre Duration|70mins Age Recommended|5+ Performance|Yanbian Song and Dance Troupe Host| Qianni BEI ,Long JIN Producer|Shanghai Children's Art Theatre(SAIC Motor Roewe Children's Theatre)


The diverse and distinctive ethnic cultures are a major spiritual source for the Chinese nation. Finding an appropriate way to bring classical ethnic song and dance to kids and to expose kids to ethnic cultures in art will enhance kids’ confidence and pride in their own culture. To cultivate children’s identity and empathy with the Chinese nation at an early stage of life, in 2018, the theatre, in conjunction with the top level ethnic performing groups, created a brand new series of song and dance performance Baby Loves Chinese Culture.