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Making Havoc in Heaven

2022-12-16 - 2022-12-17



People Suitable:5+

Location:Roewe Theatre

Perform Type:Kun Opera

Date|2022.12.17 10:30、13:30、15:30 12.18 10:30 Venue|Roewe Theatre Duration|50mins Age Recommended|5+ Performance|上海昆剧团


Having been commanded to take charge of the Peach Garden by the Jade Emperor, Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, seized this golden chance to steal the flat peach as well as the wine. Not only did he mess up the Flat Peach Conference, but he also ate Lao Jun’s elixir secretly and then fled back to Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. So angry was the Jade Emperor that he immediately sent Li Jing and Ne Zha to catch Sun back. They gathered a celestial troop of one hundred thousand soldiers and set up eighteen pieces of inescapable net between heaven and earth. With no fear at all, Sun leaded his troop of monkeys to fight back.