Programs > Multimedia Interactive Family Music Show<Supertonic>

Multimedia Interactive Family Music Show<Supertonic>

2023-09-15 - 2023-09-15



People Suitable:5+

Location:Roewe Theatre

Perform Type:Multimedia Concert

Venue | Roewe Theatre Type | Multimedia Concert Duration | 60mins Age Recommended | 5+ Producer | Supertonic Entertainment


This is a revolutionary interactive music creative show for families, a new way to learn and create live music, produced by a world-class team from Canada. Here you can learn the basic theories of music production, the timbre and qualities of musical instruments, and famous music pieces and composers from playing. You can also have the opportunity to interact with performers and unexpected characters in a surprising way. Each audience member will be equipped with a SonicTuner, a special electronic music device from the future. Each of you can become a "music hero" and transform into masters of melody, beat and lyrics. With your surrounding "musicians", you can create a perfect concert all together. Let's go on a fun-filled musical adventure in the modern and futuristic "Supertonic Studio"!