Programs > String Quartet In Moonlight-Twinkle Terrace Concert

String Quartet In Moonlight-Twinkle Terrace Concert

2023-09-28 - 2023-09-29


Series:Twinkle Terrace Series

People Suitable:5+


Perform Type:Concert

Venue | Twinkle Terrace Type | Concert Duration | 60 mins Age Recommended | 5+ Performance丨Greenorange


“Twinkle Terrace” is a new original concert series launched by SHCAT in 2021. The theatre has expanded the venue's physical space to create the "new space for performing arts". As a special stage, SHCAT's rooftop terrace offers kids a unique place to watch and perform by letting them to be the audience and the shining stars at the same time. Through breaking the boundaries between the space and the audience. Kids will have the chance to enjoy the concert together with the performers and immerse themselves in art in a brand-new way. Sitting by the Huangpu River, enjoying the autumn breeze, the Greenorange will introduce the audience to a unique world of string music. Classic music such as Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" - Autumn and Piazzola's "Libertango" will show you the infinite charm of string music. You may also enjoy the new interpretations of well-known music such as "Pirates of the Caribbean"! Come and enjoy the Mid-autumn Festival on the back of the "Big Whale" in the beautiful moonlight and music!