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Cooking with Your Feet

2023-10-19 - 2023-10-20


Series:Puppet Play

People Suitable:4+


Perform Type: Puppet Play

Venue | Sine New Space • Studio Theatre Type | Puppet Play Duration | 50 mins Language | English Age Recommended | 4+ Performance | Verónica González


Italy is appreciated for its delicious cuisine. Artusi, who loved food, collected and tired out different recipes around Italy and finally finished the cook book“The Science in the kitchen and the Art of eating well”with the help of his great assistant Marietta. The cook book has collected more than 700 recipes and has been published in more than 20 countries, reuniting Italy in the kitchen.

During “Cooking with Your Feet”, the story of Artusi will be told by his faithful assistant Marietta and her feet. The performance combines the cuisine and the puppetry. The actress Verónica González will lead us into a delicate show flavour of culinary art, in which the audience could enjoy the fruits and vegetables, dreams and the reality.Pots and pans will introduce you to the one and only Italian kitchen with the arias of Rossini and Puccini. One actress with two feet will play multiple characters, which will multiply the fun! Come and join us to a distinctive culinary party in the Italian kitchen.