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Strange Percussion

2024-05-24 - 2024-04-25


Series:Baby Loves Music

People Suitable:4+


Perform Type:Concert

Venue | Sine New Space • Studio Theatre Type | Concert Duration | 60mins Age Recommended | 4+ Performance | SHAKEEP


Percussion is probably the oldest instrument in the world, with various categories and diverse sounds. There are six "strange" percussion instruments appearing in the show, including African Drums, Handpan and Asalato. Our life is full of rhythm, such as heartbeat, breathing, talking and singing. Through different musical scales and distinct rhythm changes, you can quickly attract children's attention, which makes it easier for children to understand music. Therefore, percussion also acts as an excellent musical enlightenment. By nurturing a good sense of rhythm, it provides a perfect foundation for children to learn other kinds of musical instruments. Let's take the beauty of music as a starting point to experience the beauty of life in everyone's life!