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2024-05-31 - 2024-06-01



People Suitable:4+


Perform Type:Modern Dance

Venue | Roewe Theatre Type | Modern Dance Duration | 50mins Age Recommended | 4+ Concept and Choreographer | Enrique Cabrera Performance | Aracaladanza Dance Company (Spain)


Let’s play. Because playing is older than the oldest tradition. Because we always play. As our parents did. And their parents. And their parents…After Constellations and Clouds, Aracaladanza visits SHCAT again. The Spanish contemporary dance company from Madrid, devoted to children and family audiences, offers the adventure of games, the imagination without limits, the pleasure of invention, And also, wonders, magic, laughter and complicity. Friendship. A sense of belonging to a community!

Play means eyes wide opened to discover a poetic, funny and happy universe created by Aracaladanza. What is a hand but the head of a swan? Can dogs tap? What if a dress is a mirror? Can we jump over the sofa? These, and much more…

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