Programs > Baby Loves Chinese Opera(Quarterly)

Baby Loves Chinese Opera(Quarterly)

2021-04-30 - 2021-05-30


Series:Baby Loves Chinese Opera(Quarterly)

People Suitable:5+

Location:Roewe Theatre

Perform Type:Play

Venue|Roewe Theatre Type|play Duration|60mins Age Recommended|5+


Opera, which combines music, poetry, dance, costumes and other arts, is a treasure of Chinese traditional arts. It not only tells children the classic stories in Chinese history, but also subtly enhances their children's aesthetic taste and helps them establish a correct outlook on life, values and worldview. In 2019, we will continue to carry out the second season project with the theme of “Baby loves Chinese Opera ”. Focusing on local traditional opera arts, we plan a series of comprehensive exhibition activities to further popularize and promote Chinese traditional opera art. The project will integrate stage opera performances, exhibitions, workshops and “SHCAT second-hand market” to showcase the charm of China's rich local traditional opera art, and let children know the opera and enjoy the opera.