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Down to Earth (Chinese Version)

2021-05-31 - 2021-06-29


Series:Immersive Theatre

People Suitable:6-14 years children with special needs


Perform Type:Immersive Theatre

Venue| Studio Theatre Type| Immersive Theatre Duration| 40mins Language| Chinese Age Recommended| 6-14 years children with special needs (PMLD) Original| Bamboozle Theatre Company (U.K.) Producer | Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre (SAIC Motor Roewe Children's Theatre)

Down to Earth is an interactive, multi-sensory production inspired by the Land Army girls of World War II, where children can experience closeness with nature. Children are welcomed individually, and experience the feel of a vegetable patch, dance in their chairs with the Land Girls and meet a mischievous mole who causes mayhem! They will be transported to a magical forest where shadows slide across the floor, and wildlife rushes through the trees.