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Upside Down

2019-09-12 - 2019-09-14


Series:Creative Physical Theatre

People Suitable:2-5

Location:Studio Theatre

Perform Type:Physical Theatre

【Performing Group】 La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi(Italy) 【Date】 2019/9/13 Fri. 15:30 19:30 2019/9/14 Sat. 10:30 15:00 17:00 2019/9/15 Sun. 10:30 15:00 17:00 【Language】 无 【Audience】 2-5 【Duration】 35mins 【Price】 480(3张)、340(2张)、180(单张) 【Venue】 上海儿童艺术剧场(上汽荣威儿童文化中心) SHCAT 小剧场 Studio Theatre


Two peculiar characters live on different levels, they move along opposite sides and look at things from different points of view.Each of them lives life with their own certainties and fears,both scared but curious to meet the other.Then,one day,an encounter.Maybe by chance,maybe not,spaces turn upside down and points of view cross in an upturned place:a new,shared space where words told with the eyes and words drawn on blank sheets of paper become stories.The show is visually ever-changing,objects and spaces change according to the eyes of the watcher.