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Tailor Made

2020-05-21 - 2020-05-23



People Suitable:4+


Perform Type:Puppet Theatre

date| 2020.05.22 Fri.16:30 19:30 2020.05.23 Sat.10:30 14:00 16:30 2020.05.24 Sun.10:30 14:00 16:30 Venue| Studio Theatre Type | Puppet Theatre Duration | 40mins Language | N/A Age | 4+ Creator | Ornan Braier Performance | The Train Theater (Israel)


It was an ordinary morning, our protagonist the tailor woke up. He received a mysterious note at his bedside that said: “Today, your mission is to sew a perfect coat by midnight. The size does not matter, but it must fit perfectly.” The tailor stepped into his studio with doubt, and started to work. Though he didn’t know who would wear this coat, he still finished sewing it before midnight. The tailor was so tired and fell asleep. Suddenly the clock struck twelve, and the tailor woke up from his dream. He found to his surprise that his sewing machine had started automatically! His scissors was wearing a shirt and the thimble was getting larger and larger! What on earth happened?