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Rowe Theatre has a seating capacity of 1,088 and can be configured in three ways: an elevated stage (with 360-degree rotation), traditional proscenium stage and catwalk. The stage is equipped with a giant LED screen, a 270-degree high resolution circular screen, a high-tech sound and lighting system and flexible gliding track, and is suitable for all types of professional and large scale performances.

Multi-function stage: three rising and rotating platforms (diameter: 5m, 9m and 14m). The 5m stage can rotate and raise or lower. The 9m round stage can be raised and rotated. The 14m stage can be divided into six sections, which can be raised or lowered individually. The theatre is 9m high with 90 point hoists (constant velocity) and 28 point hoists(speed regulation).

Multimedia: LED screen (20m x 7.5m), 270-degree circular screen (110m x 5m), 21 BARCO DML1200 digital lights. Lighting: three MA GrandMA2 lighting consoles, 200 Leko Profile, 72 moving spotlights, 48 moving wash lights, five tracking spotlights, 288 dimmers, 192 non-dimmed outlets, Sound: SOUNDCRAFT40 Console GB8, YAMAHA96 Console DM2000, 36 cable microphones, 52 wireless microphones. LED character generator: 2 vertical screens(1.5m x 4m).